Tuesday, April 21, 2009

trainwreck-watching care bear fetus

This drawing is also a few weeks old. I was thinking about how people love to hear about disasters and see them on tv, and the image started to form in my mind.
The creature is a fat/fetus/penis/carebear hybrid. The mushrooms basically only exist because of smudged ink that had to be turned into something. I think they're only misleading in terms of what the image signifies. The tree and heart exist for composition's sake, but I don't mind the associations that may come up with the fruit tree - garden of eden, maybe? innocence? danger? fruitfulness? Plus I think it looks real pretty.
I had a lot of fun drawing the explosion (maybe it's the creation of a universe and the creature is a retarded God?) and I want to draw more, different explosions in the future.


Scorrigan Corrigan said...

fetus penis carebears? Marketing GENIUS!

Its good, compositionally, but the cloud looks a little rushed and sloppy (in comparison to your previous standards) I think thematically, it might be fun to have the fruit hanging low (near the tv?) begin to rot.

jj said...

Explosions are the best to draw. Addictive really. Like sugar and salt.

jj said...

Upon second glance, I really like the jizz coiffe on penis baby's head. It's like a melted pompadour.

Joelle Sept said...

Hahahaha @ "jizz coiffe."

I wonder how people used to draw explosions before they could take photographs of them. Or maybe they didn't invent explosions until shortly before photography.

Like ukiyo-e prints of lightning, which do not quite have the correct fork structure for lightning (because it happens so fast).

Andrew Mortlock said...

Hey joelle d'you know of any good animation courses up there in Canada? like traditional animation? I heard Canada's where you wanna go.

Andrew Mortlock said...

Ey thanks I'll let you know how I go