Thursday, July 31, 2008

I want a comprehensive book of anatomy for artists that shows how to draw everything, including women and men (and not just women as modified versions of men), overweight, underweight, ummuscular, young, old, people of many different races (and not just as special bonus chapters), every expression including chewing food, pulling your eyelid apart, sticking your tongue out, puffing up your cheeks, with folkloric and pseudoscientific facts about what it means to have a widows peak, various relative lengths of index and ring fingers, dimples, or those weird assymetrical teeth, and while we're at it this book should include orthodontic diagrams about problems with crooked teeth, as well as how to draw sexual organs of different shapes and sizes in various states of arousal (instead of leaving the crotchal area as a mysterious blank), wounds, scars, bruises, how to render skin that's freckled, sunburnt, peeling, acne-ridden, skin that has the imprints of elastic bands or wrinkled pillows, how to draw the results of bad and good plastic surgery, like nose implants and fake tits as opposed to real ones, also that weird drawing that shows how big your body parts are in relation to how much brainspace is dedicated to them, and a history of standards of perfect proportion for every culture, and a historical overview of the most popular cartoon-proportions over the past century or longer.

Not just healthy, brooding, white heroic muscle-men.

(I know that such a book would be huge and impossible, and at a certain point you just have to draw more from life. I'm just saying - such a book would be awesome.)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alright, a picture!

I work as a barista. This is a self-portrait. I'm pretty happy with the progress I'm making in terms of conceptualising an image, planning the composition, and making the correct lines. And using Photoshop to do it.

My favourite part of the image is the left-hand. it's BEAUTIFUL!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am working on this. I find it extremely frustrating to try to do photoshop drawing, and make it look the way I want. I need some kind of instruction or tutorial (and the patience to sit through it).

I think the colour scheme is not too bad - maybe the most important thing is to start with the right colour scheme. I want to have really flat colours around certain areas, and eerily detailed skin, inspired by old old posters and such.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I just started a blog!

I can post images I make!

These are some imaginary rocks and crystals I painted with watercolour. I try to make the colours ugly, yet appealing. I keep on making the mistake of filling up the whole frame in a very boring way.

And images I didn't make, but I like!

I like the amateur quality of this drawing. It looks so sincere. I think that in art these days, people are attracted to a combination of sincere intent and amateur aesthetic. It almost doesn't matter what the content is, as long as it looks like the artist was really into it. Why is this? Do educated, jaded people find it cute that someone was so enthusiastic about a subject that they perservered in their depiction of it despite their lack of skill? Are they mocking, or are they jealous? It's more interesting than wankery.
I also love the combination of one image with one word, especially when the word is a frank statement explaining the picture. A label.