Friday, March 27, 2009

aaaand this is a drawing i started in australia and finished in canada. It was inspired by a library book about magic and alchemy in art. I was amazed at how certain mythologies and attributes of our natural world persist and change through time. But for me, it's not so much about consistant symbolism as the underlying human/nature relations.
Somehow I came up with the idea of people going a little bit against the natural order. This is a woman peeing upwards at the moon. She's gigantic like some kind of superhuman, and her urine actually reaches the personified moon. It's playful, and I thought it made sense that the moon is often a symbol of feminity. And I think it's like a myth... "and she grew so large, and peed so strongly, that her piss totally soaked the moon in the face, and dripped down to earth, creating the lake of Moon Piss."
For me, the concepts that inspire a drawing should stay at the beginning stage of the art-creation. My ideas about this work's "meaning" only serve as the motivation to create an image that is, in itself, interesting to look at. So I know that people are going to interpret the spraying fluid as a gigantic orgasm, or lemon juice, or whatever. I don't like to make art that is like a cryptic code, which you can decipher using your artworld knowledge to come up with the meaning and say "oh, I see what you did there."
And that's okay, because when I look at old medieval, renaissance, or surrealist imagery, I don't always need to know what the symbols mean in order to be interested. I just want it to look cool and provoke a bit of thought.


Sean said...

amazing, simply amazing.

I got it, almost completely. This is so RUDE!!! and I love it. If you saw a man, (or a calvin sticker) peeing on anything, it wouldnt be anything... and I see defiance. and you continue to make really good spotting of the blacks.

I think Im seeing a confusion of images, the anthropomorphic moon inked this way I associate with art from the 20s and 30s, and with art prints of the late 1800s... but the action conveyed goes against that worlds standards so its more shocking than if say, william steig or pfeiffer had done it in the 50s/60s

Yoo-Mi said...

hahahahahahaha...ahhhh Joellleeee, I miss you