Sunday, June 27, 2010

fitting together

The first version of this drawing was freehand, without much forethought. Basically a doodle. I liked it, so I remade it about three more times, trying to make it better planned-out, and fitting together more. I'm pretty happy with it in the end.

I see it as an illustration for a non-specific fairytale in which adults and animals are the enemies of children, and adolescents are unsure what to do about it.


Scorrigan Corrigan said...

As always, good work. I think we should do a book together (read: I think I wanna piggyback off your genius) Your drawings are starting to remind me of my favorite unsung cartoonist, Abner Dean.
Ive got two of his books (the first one by lurking in NYC's the Strand when I lived in Philly.

I discovered him shortly after starting the dogmen, and his style informed my later drawings a lot.

Scorrigan Corrigan said...

Better link: