Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I just started a blog!

I can post images I make!

These are some imaginary rocks and crystals I painted with watercolour. I try to make the colours ugly, yet appealing. I keep on making the mistake of filling up the whole frame in a very boring way.

And images I didn't make, but I like!

I like the amateur quality of this drawing. It looks so sincere. I think that in art these days, people are attracted to a combination of sincere intent and amateur aesthetic. It almost doesn't matter what the content is, as long as it looks like the artist was really into it. Why is this? Do educated, jaded people find it cute that someone was so enthusiastic about a subject that they perservered in their depiction of it despite their lack of skill? Are they mocking, or are they jealous? It's more interesting than wankery.
I also love the combination of one image with one word, especially when the word is a frank statement explaining the picture. A label.

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Tamara said...

yay - Go Go Joelle! I'm procrastinating on packing so that is all the insight I can provide at this time but you are amazing and super talented